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League Divisions for the 2018-19 season:
Crawley League Divisions 2018-19
Edenbridge & East Grinstead League Divisions 2018-19
Tunbridge Wells League Divisions 2018-19
West Weald League Divisions 2018-19
NB. We do not have a any Teams in the Mid Sussex League this season.

Team Selection for all 14 League Teams and Pools of Nominated Players for each of the Edenbridge & East Grinstead KO Cup teams please see 2018-19 Team Selections

Fixtures by Teams are given on the links below and a full list of fixtures in date order is given further down the page
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Fixture List 2018-19 [by date]
Fixture List 2018-19 [by team]
(lists published & circulated 24th September 2018)

Crawley - Mixed
Crawley - Mens
Crawley - Ladies
Crawley - Combination
Crawley - Composite
Edenbridge & East Grinstead - Mixed
Edenbridge & East Grinstead - Mens
Edenbridge & East Grinstead - Combination
Tunbridge Wells - Mens
Tunbridge Wells - Ladies
West Weald - Mixed
West Weald - Mens
West Weald - Ladies
West Weald - Combination

KNOCK-OUT CUP MATCHES - 2018/19 Season - (in date order)
Tunbridge Wells Composite Cup (First Round) - Wednesday 7th November v Hildenborough A @ home 7.30pm - FBC lost to Hildenborough
Edenbridge & EG Mens KO Cup - Wednesday 19th December v Angel Centre @ home 7.30pm - FBC won and will now play in the Final
Edenbridge & EG Peter Welch KO Cup -Wednesday 9th January v Imberwood @ home 7.30pm - FBC narrowly lost to Imberwood
Edenbridge & EG Geoff Brown KO Cup - Monday 8th April v St Piers @ home 8.30pm

Does not include Edenbridge & EG Combi v Newick/Chelwood Gate

Wednesday 10th OctoberEdenbridge & EG MixedOakwoodAway7.30pm
Monday 15th OctoberT.Wells MensSevenoaks A (New Venue)Away8.00pm
Wednesday 17th OctoberCrawley MixedForestHome7.30pm
Wednesday 17th OctoberEdenbridge & EG CombiTatsfieldHome7.30pm
Thursday 25th OctoberCrawley CompositeCrawleyAway8.00pm
Wednesday 31st OctoberT.Wells MensSt Johns BHome7.30pm
Thursday 1st NovemberWest Weald MensSouthwaterAway7.30pm
Friday 2nd NovemberEdenbridge & EG CombiSt Piers (New Venue)Away8.00pm
Sunday 4th NovemberCrawley MixedHorsham ArunAway6.00pm
Monday 5th NovemberWest Weald MixedForestAway7.45pm
Wednesday 7th NovemberT.Wells Composite KO CUPHildenborough AHome7.30pm
Sunday 11th NovemberCrawley MensHorsham ArunAway6.00pm
Monday 12th NovemberWest Weald LadiesCrosswaysHome7.30pm
Wednesday 14th NovemberWest Weald MensOakwoodHome7.30pm
Thursday 15th NovemberCrawley MensCrawleyAway8.00pm
Monday 19th NovemberEdenbridge & EG MixedImberwoodHome7.30pm
Wednesday 21st NovemberWest Weald MixedChanctonburyHome7.30pm
Wednesday 21st NovemberEdenbridge & EG MensSt Piers Home7.30pm
Friday 23rd NovemberWest Weald LadiesForestHome8.00pm
Friday 23rd NovemberT.Wells MensAIT CHome8.00pm
Monday 26th NovemberWest Weald CombiChanctonbury AAway8.00pm
Monday 26th NovemberCrawley MixedCrawleyHome7.30pm
Wednesday 28th NovemberCrawley CombiChelwood GateHome7.30pm
Wednesday 28th NovemberEdenbridge & EG MixedWest HeathHome7.30pm
Friday 30th NovemberT.Wells MensSt Johns AHome8.00pm
Friday 30th NovemberT.Wells Ladies Langton GreenHome8.00pm
Monday 3rd DecemberEdenbridge & EG MixedOakwoodHome7.30pm
Wednesday 5th DecemberCrawley CompositeCrawleyHome7.30pm
Thursday 6th DecemberWest Weald MixedSouthwaterAway7.30pm
Friday 7th DecemberCrawley CombiAshurst WoodAway7.45pm
Friday 7th DecemberT.Wells Ladies Angel CentreAway8.00pm
Monday 10th DecemberWest Weald LadiesHolbrookHome7.30pm
Monday 10th DecemberT.Wells MensAIT CAway7.35pm
Wednesday 12th DecemberWest Weald CombiForestHome7.30pm
Thursday 13th DecemberCrawley CombiSouthwaterAway7.30pm
Monday 17th DecemberCrawley CombiForestHome7.30pm
Wednesday 19th DecemberWest Weald MixedCrawleyHome7.30pm
Wednesday 19th DecemberEdenbridge & EG Mens KO CUPAngel CentreHome7.30pm
Wednesday 2nd JanuaryWest Weald CombiChanctonbury AHome7.30pm
Sunday 6th January West Weald MixedHorsham ArunAway6.00pm
Monday 7th January Edenbridge & EG MensAngel CentreHome7.30pm
Tuesday 8th JanuaryWest Weald LadiesCrosswaysAway 8.00pm
Wednesday 9th JanuaryCrawley CombiForest Away7.45pm
Wednesday 9th JanuaryEdenbridge & EG PW KO CUPImberwoodHome7.30pm
Thursday 10th JanuaryWest Weald MensHorsham ArunAway 8.00pm
Friday 11th JanuaryCrawley MixedImberwoodAway 8.15pm
Monday 14th JanuaryWest Weald MixedChanctonburyAway8.00pm
Monday 14th JanuaryEdenbridge & EG MixedTatsfieldHome7.30pm
Wednesday 16th JanuaryCrawley MensImberwoodHome7.30pm
Friday 18th JanuaryT.Wells MensTrident CHome8.00pm
Friday 18th JanuaryT.Wells LadiesTrident Home8.00pm
Monday 21st JanuaryCrawley MixedForestAway7.45pm
Monday 21st JanuaryEdenbridge & EG CombiAngel CentreHome7.30pm
Wednesday 23rd JanuaryWest Weald MensSouthwaterHome7.30pm
Thursday 24th JanuaryT.Wells MensAIT BAway 8.05pm
Friday 25th January T.Wells LadiesLangton GreenAway7.30pm
Friday 25th January Edenbridge & EG MensSt Piers (New Venue)Away8.00pm
Monday 28th JanuaryWest Weald MixedHorsham ArunHome7.30pm
Wedneday 30th JanuaryCrawley MensHorsham ArunHome7.30pm
Thursday 31st JanuaryEdenbridge & EG MensChaldonAway7.30pm
Sunday 3rd FebruaryCrawley LadiesChelwood GateAway7.00pm
Monday 4th FebruaryCrawley CombiSouthwaterHome7.30pm
Wednesday 6th FebruaryWest Weald CombiForestAway7.45pm
Wednesday 6th FebruaryT.Wells MensSevenoaks AHome7.30pm
Friday 8th FebruaryEdenbridge & EG MixedImberwoodAway8.15pm
Monday 11th FebruaryWest Weald MixedSteyning CastleHome7.30pm
Wednesday 13th FebruaryWest Weald MensOakwoodAway7.30pm
Wednesday 13th FebruaryWest Weald LadiesForestAway7.45pm
Friday 15th FebruaryT.Wells MensAIT BHome8.00pm
Friday 15th FebruaryT.Wells LadiesAITHome8.00pm
Sunday 17th FeburaryWest Weald CombiHorsham ArunAway6.00pm
Monday 18th FebruaryCrawley LadiesForestHome7.30pm
Tuesday 19th FebruaryEdenbridge & EG CombiTatsfieldAway8.00pm
Wednesday 20th FebruaryCrawley MensOakwoodAway7.30pm
Monday 25th FebruaryWest Weald MixedSouthwaterHome7.30pm
Wednesday 27th FebruaryCrawley LadiesImberwoodHome7.30pm
Friday 1st MarchT.Wells MensSt Johns AAway7.30pm
Friday 1st MarchEdenbridge & EG MensAngel CentreAway8.00pm
Monday 4th MarchCrawley MensChartHome7.30pm
Tuesday 5th MarchEdenbridge & EG MixedTatsfieldAway8.00pm
Wednesday 6th MarchWest Weald LadiesHolbrookAway8.00pm
Wednesday 6th MarchWest Weald MensHorsham ArunHome7.30pm
Friday 8th MarchCrawley MensImberwoodAway8.15pm
Friday 8th MarchCrawley LadiesImberwoodAway8.15pm
Monday 11th MarchWest Weald CombiHorsham ArunHome7.30pm
Wednesday 13th MarchCrawley CombiAshhurst WoodHome7.30pm
Wednesday 13th MarchEdenbridge & EG CombiSt PiersHome7.30pm
Thursday 14th MarchT.Wells LadiesAITAway8.05pm
Friday 15th MarchCrawley MensChartAway7.45pm
Monday 18th MarchWest Weald MixedForestHome7.30pm
Wednesday 20th MarchCrawley MensCrawleyHome7.30pm
Friday 22nd MarchWest Weald LadiesChelwood GateHome8.00pm
Friday 22nd MarchWest Weald MensChelwood GateHome8.00pm
Monday 25th MarchT.Wells LadiesWadhurstHome7.30pm
Tuesday 26th MarchWest Weald MixedSteyning CastleAway7.30pm
Wednesday 27th MarchCrawley MixedImberwoodHome7.30pm
Friday 29th MarchCrawley CombiChelwood GateAway8.00pm
Monday 1st AprilCrawley LadiesForestAway7.45pm
Monday 1st AprilEdenbridge & EG MensChaldonHome7.30pm
Wednesday 3rd AprilT.Wells LadiesAngel CentreHome7.30pm
Thursday 4th AprilWest Weald MixedCrawleyAway8.00pm
Friday 5th April Edenbridge & EG CombiAngel CentreAway8.00pm
Monday 8th AprilEdenbridge & EG GB KO CupSt PiersHome7.30pm
Tuesday 9th AprilWest Weald LadiesChelwood GateAway8.00pm
Tuesday 9th AprilWest Weald MensChelwood GateAway8.00pm
Thursday 11th AprilCrawley MixedCrawleyAway8.00pm
Friday 12th AprilCrawley MensOakwoodHome8.00pm
Monday 15th AprilCrawley MixedHorsham ArunHome7.30pm
Wednesday 24th AprilCrawley LadiesChelwood GateHome7.30pm
Friday 26th AprilT.Wells MensSt Johns BAway7.30pm
Monday 29th AprilT.Wells MensTrident CAway8.00pm
Monday 29th AprilT.Wells LadiesTridentAway8.00pm
Tuesday 30th AprilEdenbridge & EG MixedWest Heath (New Venue)Away7.30pm
Thursday 2nd MayT.Wells LadiesWadhurstAway7.30pm